Specializing in many varieties of aftermarket rims, J&D Tire has the style you want.

  • Tuner/performance
  • Luxury wheels
  • Truck & offroad
  • OEM replacement wheels
  • OEM replica wheels
  • Steel winter wheels
  • Tuner nuts, centering rings & spacers
  • TPMS Sensors

When balancing we use adhesive weights and we use a pinplate system designed to give a precise balance to aftermarket non-hubcentric rims.

This is a list of the manufacturers we deal with. Follow the links to see their inventory.


Incorporated in 1888, Michelin from France is one of the world's largest tire companies. Michelin manufactures tires for bicycles to space shuttles.

Michelin has always been one of the leading innovators in tire technology. Inventors of the removable tire, radial tires and run-flat tires their innovation continues with extensive research and testing with today's cutting edge technology.

A Better Way Forward


Founded in 1896, B.F. Goodrich is America's oldest tire manufacturer. It was a B.F. Goodrich tire that was on the first car to cross the U.S. in 1903.

With 17 victories in the Baja California Competitions and a 5 time winner of the Paris-Dakar rally B.F. Goodrich has made a name for itself in extreme competitive racing.

On-road performance or off-road challenge, B.F. Goodrich has the right tire for you.

Take Control


Uniroyal Tire was founded in 1892 as The United States Rubber Company, making rubber gloves and shoes. A few years later they began to make tires as well. It was in 1961 where the company officially renamed themselves Uniroyal Tire. In 1990 Uniroyal was acquired by Michelin.

Well known for their Tiger Paw brand of tires and their Tiger mascot, Uniroyal Tire is committed in providing value and dependability for over a century.

For Everything You Value


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